Foreclosure is a devastating experience that leaves a major mark on your credit. If you are facing foreclosure in Clearwater, you might need to sell your house quickly.

However, selling your home before foreclosure through a Clearwater real estate agent could take months that you don’t have. Necessary repairs could also take money and time.

When you partner with the team at We Buy Any Homes, we can make a cash offer, quickly regardless of your home’s condition, so you don’t have to wait months. We make the offer within as little as 24 hours and close in as little as a week. Best of all, there’s no closing costs, commissions, or fees!

Even in a booming market, declining prices and life events like a major illness, death, or divorce are common causes of foreclosure.

Foreclosure Because of Major Illness or Death

When a contributing member of the household or main income earner becomes seriously ill, the remaining family members may not be able to make the mortgage payments, leading to threats of foreclosure. We can help you sell your house in Clearwater before foreclosure for cash quickly so that you get the money you need.

Foreclosure Due to Divorce

Like the death of a loved one, divorce is deeply distressing and stressful. If it leads to a foreclosure, it can compound an already difficult situation. Receive a cash offer and divide your assets quickly by selling the home to us. Call our team in Clearwater to sell your house before foreclosure for cash!

What If I Have Negative Equity?

Negative equity is one of the leading causes of foreclosure. When a homeowner owes more than the property is worth, the equity is said to be negative. Traditional lenders won’t loan more than a property is worth, which means that it can be hard to sell your home for enough to pay off your mortgage.

Whatever the circumstances may be, contact We Buy Any Homes today to see how we can help you avoid foreclosure, even if that means short selling your home in Clearwater.

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