Poor Condition

Some people think that they can’t sell their home when it’s in poor condition, luckily we buy ugly houses in Clearwater. Others put off selling because they don’t have the time to make repairs and renovations or can’t afford to have them done.

Perhaps you inherited a home that’s in rough shape and you don’t have the resources to repair or renovate it.

Regardless of your Clearwater home’s condition, We Buy Any Homes will make a cash offer for it. We would love to be sold houses in Clearwater that are in bad condition and we also buy ugly houses too for fair cash offers! 

When we say your home’s condition doesn’t matter, we mean it doesn’t matter. You won’t need to paint it, repair that leaky faucet, put in new carpet, clean, or anything else!

At We Buy Any Homes, we’ll make a fair cash offer on:

  • Old, out-of-date homes desperately in need of updates
  • Homes with holes in the wall or homes that smell like smoke
  • Homes with plumbing, electrical, or HVAC problems
  • Houses with structural issues, including problems with the roof or foundation
  • Condemned homes
  • Homes with black mold, water damage, or termite damage
  • Hoarder homes filled with items
  • Distressed homes on the verge of foreclosure

We’ll make a fair cash offer no matter what condition your Clearwater is in!

We visit your home to confirm its condition as a part of our simple sales process; however, even if your house in Clearwater is ugly or it is in poor condition, we’ll still buy it for a cash offer. Best of all, we’ll take it as is, which means you don’t have to renovate, upgrade, or repair!

Once we make a cash offer, we won’t lower it before closing. Furthermore, you are under no obligation to accept our offer.

Contact us today to sell your house that’s in bad condition in Clearwater and see what we’ll offer you for your property!

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Whether you’re facing financial peril or simply need to start over somewhere else, We Buy Any Homes can help you to solve your issues and move on quickly. Get the best possible cash offer for your home as it is right now when you partner with our team.

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