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Selling a home when you have a tenant makes the process more complicated. Rarely do selling schedules and the end of a tenant’s lease line up perfectly, which means you have to find a buyer willing to buy rental properties in Clearwater with tenants still under contract. This increases the stress factor in an already drawn-out and stressful process!

Perhaps you have problems with your existing tenants and want to sell so you don’t have to deal with renters anymore. Maybe your tenants don’t want to move out before the lease is up, and you need to sell your home in Clearwater as is with tenants.

Waiting until the tenants’ lease expires to start the sales process can mean that you have to continue to make payments on the mortgage without income coming in from tenants. Selling your Clearwater home through the traditional process can take several months during which you still have to pay the mortgage!

To sell your Clearwater home traditionally, you’d have multiple showings with buyers. Having tenants adds a layer of complexity. Some states have laws regulating how homes can be shown to prospective buyers when tenants are present.

Plus, there are hassles to resolve like who’s going to deep clean for the showings? What if your renters have pets?

Wouldn’t it be better if there was a less stressful way to sell your investment property without all of the complications?

There is! Here at We Buy Any Homes buys, we will buy your rental property in Clearwater and you can sell your house with the tenants included. We will still make you a fast cash offer—regardless of your home’s condition—that can be closed in as little as a week!

If you want to quickly sell your rental property with tenants in Clearwater, contact We Buy Any Homes today.

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