Tax Liens

A tax lien is a debt claim against your assets (like your Clearwater home) for back taxes. If you can’t pay quickly, you can be charged interest and penalty fees, which increase the total amount due.

If you have a tax lien against your house because of delinquent property taxes, you may think you can’t sell your home. You can!

At We Buy Any Homes, we understand having a tax lien is very stressful and frightening, and we offer a timely solution looking for someone to buy their home for cash in Clearwater.

There are three basic tax liens:

  • Federal Tax Lien: Lien against your home because of taxes owed to the IRS
  • State Tax Lien: Lien against your home for taxes due to your state’s revenue department
  • Clearwater Property Tax Lien: Lien against your home for unpaid taxes to the county or city

Property taxes increase over time. While the property taxes may have been reasonable at the time you bought your Clearwater home, taxes have probably increased, especially if nearby areas are under development.

Rising neighborhood home prices often drive up property taxes. Living near amenities such as a lake, beach, park, golf course, or other desirable destination can drive up your property taxes, too.

While tax liens usually involve the government, sometimes, the government sells the lien to outside investors who can force your Clearwater home into foreclosure if you can’t pay.

Selling your home can be one way to pay off the overwhelming tax debt. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you’ll want to sell as soon as possible.

In contrast to the traditional home-selling process, we’ll buy your Clearwater home for cash quickly. If you accept, the closing can be done in as little as a week!

Instead of getting bogged down in the traditional home-selling process, contact We Buy Any Homes and we will buy your home for cash in Clearwater no matter what your tax lien situation may be. We have the solution for your tax lien problem!

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