Bankruptcy is usually a result of having far more debt than you can pay off. Bankruptcy is a declaration to creditors you can no longer pay your bills. Declaring bankruptcy stops creditors from taking any further actions for a period of time, which means it halts a foreclosure, too.

Bankruptcy isn’t meant to be an easy solution, though. Instead, it stays on your credit report for seven years and its long-lasting consequences can compound your financial problems. For example, it can dramatically affect your ability to get a loan for a car or a future home.

In addition, many employers now routinely incorporate a credit check into their hiring process. This means that if you have bankruptcy on your credit score, it can cost you job opportunities because employers can use it to filter you out as a candidate!

If you are considering declaring bankruptcy, you might feel that you are out of options. However, did you realize your St. Petersburg home is a valuable asset?

If you are facing bankruptcy, you may decide to sell your St. Petersburg house for cash to cover your debts. If you need to do this, you probably need to do it immediately, which can be difficult using the traditional process, which often takes months.

We Buy Any Houses can help! For over 25 years, we have specialized in making the selling of your St. Petersburg house for cash, including bankruptcy home sales, fast and worry-free. We can make an offer on your home — no matter what condition it’s in — in as little as 24 hours. When you accept, we can close in as little as seven days!

If you need to sell your St. Petersburg house quickly for cash, even if it is in less than ideal condition, contact We Buy Any Homes today and discover what we can offer you for your home to help you avoid bankruptcy and its consequences!

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Whether you’re facing financial peril or simply need to start over somewhere else, We Buy Any Homes can help you to solve your issues and move on quickly. Get the best possible cash offer for your home as it is right now when you partner with our team.

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