If you have a tax lien against your home because you owe taxes to the government, you probably feel overwhelmed. If you lack the ability to pay back taxes, the fees, interest, and penalties can quickly add up and raise the amount you owe!

Even if you have a tax lien against your St. Petersburg house, you can still sell the property. The lien will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale, but you may find selling is your best option. At We Buy Any Homes in St. Petersburg, we will buy your home for cash at a fair price.

Tax liens against your home come from one of three sources:

  • Local St. Petersburg Property Tax Liens: Liens from back taxes owed to the county or city
  • State Tax Liens: Liens from takes owed to the state revenue department
  • Federal Tax Lien: Liens from takes owed to the IRS

It seems like all taxes increase over time! Property taxes sure do! If you bought your St. Petersburg home a while ago, chances are the taxes were lower then.

There are several reasons why property taxes rise. Property taxes are a common way for the local government to fund schools or infrastructure repairs. As areas develop, property taxes often increase.

Your taxes can also be driven up by rising neighborhood home values. If your home is located near attractive amenities like the beach, a lake, park, golf course, or other desirable amenities, your property taxes might increase from local market demand rising.

If you decide the way to settle your overburdening tax debt is to sell your St. Petersburg home, you may feel pressure to do it quickly. If you go through the traditional sales process, you could wait months before the sale is finalized.

There is another way! Contact We Buy Any Homes in St. Petersburg. We buy homes for cash, and will get you a fair, fast offer. You aren’t obligated to take it, but if you do, we’ll close quickly — often in as little as a week!

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